This system is a range of manifolds used in healthcare facilities to provide a safe and continuous supply of medical gas to the piping network. Designed to be connected to 2 ramps of high pressure cylinders, this manifold systems come with cylinder seats, valves, connecting hoses & fittings. An optional alarm box is available to complete the system. This solution offers various capacities and is appropriate for oxygen, air, carbon dioxide & nitrous oxide.

Main features & Benefits :

  • Inlet & Outlet pressure gauges
  • Fully automatic change-over system
  • High pressure valves
  • High-pressure regulators
  • Cylinder racks & safety valves
  • Connecting hoses (NF, DIN, BS, …)
  • Alarm panel with visual & audible alarm, connected to pressure switch (in option)
  • Medical device class IIb
  • ISO 7396-1 compliant
  • Highly stable outlet pressure
  • Reduces pressure level (usually 200 bar / 2900 psi) to intermediate medical gas piping working pressure (9 to 12 bar)
  • Ensures a continuous supply of medical gases into the hospital piping network
  • Easier maintenance

In option :

  • Empty cylinders - Medical Gas grade
  • Secondary pressure reducers
  • Heater for N20 / CO2