Oxygen Generator

A choice of modular Oxygen PSA generators.

OXYSWING® MODULAR Oxygen PSA Generators implement a unique and patented Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. They feature multiple modules of molecular sieve, each implementing an optimized patented PSA process providing high quality Medical Grade Oxygen to any kind of healthcare facility.

Key features :

  • Modular PSA OS patented technology
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Touch screen colour control panel
  • Oxygen quality fully compliant with European & US Pharmacopeias
  • Medical Device 93/42 EC Class IIb
  • Remote Monitoring (optional)

Main benefits :

  • Adjustable Capacity : Modular Design
  • Safe : Low Operating Pressures, no Hazardous Storage
  • Economical : Low Operating Costs, Easily Expandable
  • Convenient : Fully Automatic and Unattended Operation