Background of NOXERIOR

Our roots go back to the early seventies of last century, when the preceding company initiated with the sale of welding wires as main activity. During the first half of the eighties this company started to import PSA oxygen generators from the US for welding applications. Soon afterwards it was decided to develop and manufacture own PSA oxygen generators in order to meet the regulations valid for the European market. In 1990 the production of PSA nitrogen generators was initiated as well.

In November 1997 the Messer Group from Germany, one of the leading companies for industrial gases at the time, acquired the entire gas generator business and founded our actual company.

During the reorganization process of the Messer Group in 2001, our company was acquired by Innovative Gas Systems, Inc. from the US as part of a Management Buy-Out by the former Messer companies. During the IGS’ period we started to become active in the EPC market for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industry. Subsequently our company name was changed in IGS Italia in July 2004.

Respectively in 2004 and 2007 we introduced our patented / patent pending modular PSA nitrogen and oxygen systems, which we are offering to the market under the brand names NITROSWING® and OXYSWING®. The medical version of this product was certified as Class IIB medical device to the MDD 93/42/CEE in 2008. In 2009 the Italian Ministry of Health issued the Certificate of Free Circulation for our OXYSWING® medical oxygen generators. NOXERIOR was also one of the founding members of MEDIGHAM, the International Association of Manufacturers of Medical Gas Generators for Hospitals (

In March 2014 we changed ownership again and our company name was changed in NOXERIOR s.r.l. Our new company name is a contraction of the words “nitrogen”, “oxygen” and “superior” to ensure that our image and name accurately reflect what we do.

Our quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2004 and to ISO13485 since 2007. Our environmental management system has been certified to both ISO 14001 and EMAS since 2006.

Currently we are not only active in our traditional markets for standard nitrogen and oxygen generators for industrial and healthcare applications in almost all corners of the world, but especially the supply of complex custom-engineered nitrogen and oxygen plants including all necessary documentation has become a substantial part of our business during the last years. Since 2010 we have started with the supply of custom-engineered packages for the generation of instrument air as well.

In 2016, NOXERIOR becomes part of NOVAIR Group, French manufacturer specialized in the production of on-site industrial and medical gas systems since 1977. The Group is proud to offer the largest pool of expertise worldwide in on-site gas systems.