Nitrogen supply system for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

NOXERIOR nitrogen generators are particularly appropriate for :

  • Blanketing / padding of products sensitive to oxidation
  • Dry-seal inerting of compressors
  • Explosion prevention (inerting)
  • Monomer storage
  • Pipeline purging
  • Pneumatic transport of powders
  • Polymer drying
  • Pressure transfer of liquids

Special Know-How & Services from NOXERIOR

We at NOXERIOR will assist you with the definition of the specific MOC (Maximum Oxygen Content) for safe handling and storage of your product. We also can simulate the exact residual oxygen presence in your tank / reactor / storage room at varying purities of the supplied nitrogen with our in-house developed software. Additionally, we will do a detailed simulation and analysis of the nitrogen consumption profile, including peak consumptions, to guarantee a correct dimensioning of the our membrane or PSA nitrogen generation system which will bring the economical benefits you expect.

As each customer has different operating conditions, we will also provide consultancy regarding the most efficient and cost-effective nitrogen distribution under consideration of all relevant parameters.