High purity nitrogen supply for electronics industry

NOXERIOR nitrogen generators are particularly appropriate for :

  • Reflow soldering of PCBs
  • Wave soldering of PCBs
  • Selective soldering of PCBs
  • Soldering with lead-free solder pastes
  • Controlled atmosphere storage of SMD components

Special Know-How & Services from NOXERIOR

We at NOXERIOR are well aware that your soldering and storage application needs an elevated and stable nitrogen purity to avoid failure of your produced PCBs. Our NITROSWING® PSA modular nitrogen generators guarantee you the supply of the required nitrogen quality and quantity to your soldering machine or drying cabinet. Thanks to their unique flexibility they also can be adapted easily to changing nitrogen requirements. Additionally, we will do a detailed simulation and analysis of the nitrogen consumption profile, including peak consumptions, to guarantee a correct dimensioning of our NITROSWING® PSA modular nitrogen generator which will bring the economical benefits you expect.

As each customer has different operating conditions, we will also provide consultancy regarding the most efficient and cost-effective nitrogen distribution under consideration of all relevant parameters.