High pressure nitrogen supply for laser cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Special Know-How & Services from NOXERIOR

We at NOXERIOR can supply you detailed consultancy regarding the minimum required nitrogen purity based on the type and thickness of the material to guarantee both a sufficient cutting speed and a clean cut. Our NITROSWING® PSA modular nitrogen generation system for laser cutting applications normally consists of the following main components:

  • NITROSWING® PSA modular nitrogen generator
  • High pressure nitrogen booster for pressures up to 300 bar(g)
  • High pressure nitrogen storage buffer with downstream pressure reduction

Additionally, we will do a detailed simulation and analysis of the overall nitrogen consumption profile, including peak consumptions, to guarantee a correct dimensioning of our NITROSWING® PSA modular nitrogen generation system which will bring the economical benefits you expect.

As each customer has different operating conditions, we will also provide consultancy regarding the most efficient and cost-effective nitrogen distribution under consideration of all relevant parameters.