Nitrogen generation unit for mining industry applications

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NOXERIOR nitrogen generators are particularly appropriate for :

  • Extinguishing of coal mine fires
  • Inerting of sulphuric acid plants for heap leaching
  • Inerting of worked-out or abandoned mine areas
  • Purging of LPG lines in copper / nickel / uranium mines

Special Know-How & Services from NOXERIOR

We at NOXERIOR always do a detailed simulation and analysis of the nitrogen consumption profile, including peak consumptions, to guarantee a correct dimensioning of our membrane nitrogen generator which will bring the economical benefits you expect. In case of extinguishing of mine fires we can supply your our mobile Nitrogen Production Units (NPU) in order to allow you a temporary nitrogen supply for continuous injection in the mine for the required time to extinguish the pit fire.

As each customer has different operating conditions, we will also provide consultancy regarding the most efficient and cost-effective nitrogen distribution under consideration of all relevant parameters. Our membrane nitrogen generation system will be specially prepared for the harsh ambient and operating conditions at the mine site. Special pre-mounted installations on transport racks or inside ISO freight containers can be supplied by NOXERIOR to facilitate transport logistics to remote installation areas.