Nitrogen Generator Package for Oil & Gas industry applications

NOXERIOR nitrogen generators are particularly appropriate for:

  • APV's (Air Pressure Vessels) for floating offshore platforms
  • BOP (Blowout Preventer) closure systems
  • Dry bulk transfer
  • Dry gas compressor sealing
  • EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)
  • Fracking
  • Gas lift
  • Heave compensation for offshore lifting and drilling operations.
  • Marine riser tensioner for offshore drilling
  • Pipeline purging / pigging
  • Purging-of instrument panels
  • UBD (Underbalanced Drilling) / CPD (Controlled Pressure Drilling)
  • Well clean outs

Special Know-How & Services from NOXERIOR

We at NOXERIOR can supply you the most suitable nitrogen generation package for your specific Oil & Gas application, based on either the PSA or hollow-fibre membrane technology. Our experience covers onshore and offshore installations, installations at desert or artic ambient conditions, mobile nitrogen production units (NPU) as well as custom-designed systems for installation in classified areas.

The nitrogen generation packages from NOXERIOR are not only made for durability; they are also engineered to be light weight and compact in case of offshore installations. You can chose between a fully automated operation by a local control system or a direct control by your DCS/ESD. Rugged design and easy maintenance make the nitrogen generation packages from NOXERIOR the preferred solution to guarantee trouble-free operation in any Oil & Gas environment.

We can supply our nitrogen generation packages accompanied with a full engineering documentation package. Any kind of special NDT and performance testing can be included in our scope of supply as well.