Oxygen supply systems for aquaculture fish hatchery

aquaculture oxygen generator

NOXERIOR oxygen generators are particularly appropriate for:

  • Broodstock units;
  • Larval rearing units;
  • Weaning units;
  • Treatment for seawater wells;
  • Biological filter of re-circulation systems;
  • Ozone generation for water sterilization;

Special Know-How & Services from NOXERIOR

We at NOXERIOR are perfectly aware that oxygen is a variable cost for your hatchery operation. A reliable estimation of oxygen requirements and a correct dimensioning of an oxygen generation system from our OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generator product range will be determining for the economical benefits you expect from an on-site oxygen generation and supply system in your hatchery.

We will provide consultancy regarding the most efficient oxygen distribution as well as technology for oxygen transfer and regulation into water under consideration of all relevant parameters. By using our in-house developed software we can calculate both the required amount of oxygen to be produced and the resulting energy consumption. Together with you will find a compromise between the use of energy and the efficiency of oxygen transfer to optimise costs.