Oxygen generation system for mining applications

O2 supply Mining

NOXERIOR oxygen generators are particularly appropriate for:

  • Gold leaching and silver leaching of ores
  • Bottom-blown Oxygen Converter or BBOCTM
  • Oxygen lancing

Special Know-How & Services from NOXERIOR

We at NOXERIOR always do a detailed simulation and analysis of the oxygen consumption profile, including peak consumptions, to guarantee a correct dimensioning of the OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generator which will bring the economical benefits you expect.

As each customer has different operating conditions, we will also provide consultancy regarding the most efficient and cost-effective oxygen distribution under consideration of all relevant parameters. Our OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generation system will be specially prepared for the harsh ambient and operating conditions at the mine site. Special pre-mounted installations on transport racks with reduced dimensions can be supplied by NOXERIOR to facilitate transport logistics.