Become our Agent or Distributor of NOXERIOR

Our success is based on a network of competent local partners in our key markets.

Local representation by local professional partners will increase customer’s trust in both our products and our organisation. Therefore, we consider our agents and distributors as keystone of our commercial activities.

If you are the opinion that our NITROSWING® and OXYSWING® nitrogen and oxygen generators accomplish your current product portfolio, then we would be most pleased to get to know you.

We also would appreciate if you could forward us your contact details in case you are interested to become our agent or officially registered sponsor for the representation of our custom-engineered nitrogen and oxygen generation packages and instrument air packages in your own country.

Please supply us the following minimum information accompanied with your request to

  • Link to your company’s web site

  • Specification of the geographic area and industries covered by your activities

We look forward to a successful future partnership with you!