Instrument Air Dryer Packages

NOXERIOR is specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom-designed instrument air packages suitable for operation under extreme ambient conditions at remote locations, like desert, artic or offshore environments.

In order to offer you the best possible solution for your requirements we have two (2) different product groups available for our instrument air packages:

  1. Dehydration Membrane Air Dryers

    Simple, compact and reliable instrument air dryers, especially for operation in environments with extreme high ambient temperatures. Suitable for production of instrument air with pressure dew points down to – 40 °C / -40 F.

  2. Heatless Adsorption Air Dryers

    Highest efficiency by maximum reduction of regeneration air consumption. Suitable for heavy-duty outdoors operation, these instrument air dryers are the most economic solution for the production of instrument air with pressure dew points down to – 70 °C / -100 F


Outstanding Features

  • Workmanship
    Finely engineered products, independent from size or value. The instrument air dryers from NOXERIOR combine Italian creativity with the highest quality standards.

  • Customisation
    We focus on the supply of special instrument air dryers with a maximum level of customisation. Our instrument air packages will be designed and manufactured according to your requirements and specifications.

  • Reliable
    All instrument air packages from NOXERIOR are dimensioned for the toughest local ambient conditions at the installation site. Application of first-class components. A conservative design philosophy makes that the instrument air packages from NOXERIOR always exceed the contractual performance and stand for trouble-free full time operation over the years.