Membrane Dehydration Air Dryers

You need a simple and maintenance-free solution for the supply of dry compressed air which also works at extreme ambient conditions and requires only very limited space for installation ?

Then the membrane air dryers from NOXERIOR, either installed inside a cabinet of on a painted carbon steel skid, will be the perfect solution for you.

Advantages of Membrane Air Dryers from NOXERIOR

  • Proven quality & reliability
  • Superior efficiencyOperates in a wide variety of environments – high and low temperatures, corrosive and explosive atmospheres, indoors and outdoors
  • No moving parts to maintain, no consumables to replace
  • No noise
  • High level of customisation


Pressure Dew
0,9 – 1.000 Nm³/h

0.5 – 590 scfm
from -40 °C until +10 °C
from -40 until 50 F
up to 12 bar(g)
175 psig

Technical Specifications of Membrane Air Dryers

Membrane air dryers from NOXERIOR will include all necessary system components to start the air drying process by a simple push-button:

  • Cyclone separator for bulk condensate removal from incoming feed air
  • Feed air filtration, including an activated carbon tower or activated carbon filter in case of feed air supply by oil-lubricated air compressors
  • Set of hollow-fibre dehydration membrane modules
  • Dry air and sweep air flow control
  • Moisture analyser (optional)
  • Thermal mass flow meter (optional)
  • Local pressure and temperature transmitters (optional)

On request, NOXERIOR can also supply you an electric-motor driven air compressor for the required feed air supply of the membrane air dryers. Depending on its size, the air compressor will be either integrated on the skid or supplied separately. A separated feed air receiver is not required for membrane air dryers from NOXERIOR.

Special Features

  • Pressure vessels designed and certified to ASME, AS1210, GOST-R / GOST-K or any other specific standard required for your operating location
  • Module casings in ABS, aluminium or stainless steel