Oxyswing Modular Oxygen Generator installed at biogas plant

NOXERIOR from GROUPE NOVAIR, is proud to announce that the Danish biogas producer ZASTROW BIOENERGI has chosen the OXYSWING® Oxygen Generator to produce oxygen on-site at its new plant. 

An efficient and cost effective H2S desulphurization using on-site produced oxygen :

Biogas basically consists of methane and carbon dioxide. In addition, it also contains unwanted contaminants, especially hydrogen sulphide (H2S). In order to remove hydrogen sulphide from the biogas, besides various physico-chemical methods the biological desulfurization is used.

While supplying oxygen, microorganisms oxidize H2S into elementary sulphur and sulphate. The simplest method of desulphurization is the addition of oxygen directly into the digester or in a storage tank serving at the same time as gas holder.

NOXERIOR’s patented OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generators represent the most reliable and flexible source of oxygen, giving the biogas plant oxygen dosing system a sound source of oxygen.

M. Thomas Rasmussen, owner of the plant, is extremley happy with this innovative system which ensures a full continuity of oxygen supply to the biogas plant and avoids any dependance from an outside oxygen supplier.