Skidded Membrane Nitrogen Generator

You need a reliable nitrogen supply solution which matches the requirements of your industrial nitrogen application and also fits in the available installation room at your site?

Then the membrane nitrogen generators from NOXERIOR, turn-key-installed on a painted carbon steel skid, will be the perfect solution for you.

Advantages of Membrane Nitrogen Generators from NOXERIOR


  • Proven quality & reliability
  • Superior efficiency
  • No need for external feed air receiver and feed air dryer
  • High level of customisation


Nitrogen Capacity
Nitrogen Residual
Oxygen Content
Nitrogen Dew
Nitrogen Discharge
0,1 – 3.600 Nm³/h

0.06 – 2,100 scfm
0,1 – 5 vol.%< -60 °C
-76 F
up to 12 bar(g)
175 psig


Technical Specifications of NOXERIOR Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane nitrogen generators from NOXERIOR will include all necessary system components and controls to start nitrogen production by a simple push-button:

  • Cyclone separator for bulk condensate removal from incoming feed air
  • Feed air filtration, including an activated carbon tower in case of feed air supply by oil-lubricated air compressors
  • Moisture analyser (optional)
  • Electrical feed air heater with thyristor capacity control
  • Automatic off-spec feed air blow-off
  • Set of hollow-fibre membrane modules
  • Nitrogen flow control
  • Residual oxygen analyser,
  • Thermal nitrogen mass flow meter (optional)
  • Automatic off-spec nitrogen blow-off
  • Local pressure and temperature transmitters
  • PLC based control system with IP/Ethernet connection for fully automatic and unattended operation on a 24/7 operating basis
  • Automatic purity adjustment between 5,0 and 0,5 vol.% of residual oxygen
  • All pressure vessels designed and certified to EN 13445 and 97/23/CE (PED)

On request, NOXERIOR can also supply you an electric-motor driven air compressor for the required feed air supply. Depending on its size , the air compressor will be either integrated on the skid or supplied separately. A separated feed air receiver or separate air dryer are not required for membrane nitrogen generators from NOXERIOR.

Special Features

  • Double purity option for simultaneous production of two product flow rates with different nitrogen purities;
  • Pressure vessels designed and certified to ASME, AS1210, GOST-R / GOST-K or any other specific standard required for your operating location
  • Electrical system to CSA, UL, AS3000 or any other specific standard required for your operating location