Custom-Engineered PSA Nitrogen Generation Packages

NOXERIOR is also able to provide tailored-made solutions for special nitrogen applications in various industries and for all possible ambient conditions (PSA Nitrogen Generation Packages).

These special PSA nitrogen generation packages are designed and manufactured according to the customer´s technical specifications and supplied either on skids or on transport frames. All components of the PSA Nitrogen Generation Packages will be selected according to the applicable area classification and the ambient conditions at the installation site. Besides, NOXERIOR has all necessary expertise and experience in house to supply all required documentation and to do all specified testing for its engineered PSA nitrogen generation packages and their components.

System Options

  • Packages suitable for classified areas
  • Packages suitable for artic, desert or offshore conditions
  • Optional feed air supply & product gas compression
  • Process piping in CS or SS
  • Package control through Local Control Panel (LCP) or customer’s DCS
  • Local instrumentation with either HART or FoundationTM Fieldbus bi-directional communication protocol
  • Special painting



  • Detailed package engineering and design;
  • Co-ordination, control and expediting of all sub-vendors;
  • Shop inspection, examination and testing of equipment or parts of it;
  • Information for civil/structure works and engineering;
  • All necessary project documentation
  • Design, lay-out, construction, operation and maintenance review meetings
  • SIL & HAZOP assessment
  • Commissioning, start-up & training